Friday, 22 November 2013

Screamers 1st Birthday & Awards Night


We finally made it happen ( well Coxy did) and we had our first birthday party and awards. What an amazing year it has been we have had scrims, mixed scrims, travel team, freshmeat, new kit for sale, boot camp, broken ankles, broken bus, bruises, pains in the knees, road trips  flasks of tea and cake.....there is always cake.

So now to the important bit, who won what:
Best jammer - Karla

Best Piviot - Smitty

Best Blocker - Kim

MVP - Moysey

Most feared - Moysey

Best Ref - Jerry

Hardest hitter - Marie

Best injury (clumsy) - McSue

Biggest show off- Lisa

Best NSO - Gillian

Sweetest player - Lucy

Best legs - Becky

nicest bum - Maxine

Best tattoos- Abi

Best rookie - Abi

Derby spirit- Catherine

Most fun- Coxy( or as we like to say team t**t)

Most improved - Claire

Most positive - Su

and goes with out saying.....smelliest kit - Tony.

Then our lovely captain had some very special awards for the lucky chosen few. The A.R.S.E award
(awards recognising special expertise)

Catherine - screamers scrim sorter outer

Gillian- superb overall organiser of stuff and keeping a rabble of a team in order.... and being bloody good with                  a clipboard/white board too.

Lucy- amazing ability to refain from potty mouth and remain calm.

Marie- most stealthy and persistent bum pincher.#

Su- hardcore nonstop dancing party animal.

Tony- eye rolling, tutting, shaking head, all round consistent disapproval of everything and sometimes between being quite a good coach.

Mc Sue- total positive dedication to the team whilst off skates with the occasional 'little britain' impersonation.

So that's our first year done and dusted and we are looking forward to see what next year brings us.