Screamers FreshMeat

Before even getting to the skating, freshmeat fill in a questionnaire about their desire to skate and how long they’ve been skating, this helps us to get a feel for what you may need in your first session and so the session is planned to accommodate you, make you feel welcome and comfortable on your skates. There is often a few text messages or emails exchanged just to put you at ease, as everyone know it can be daunting walking into a room where you are the only newbie. Then you’re in, waivers are signed, skates are on and that’s it, you’re part of the Screamer family.

The freshmeat session starts with all skaters skating together, if they are able, and doing some warm up drills, this helps us build your confidence and get to know everyone.   As we are a growing team, all of us take part in the Freshmeat sessions, helping the newbies get through those pesky minimum skills that haunt every new skater. We tailor the session to the individuals taking part so that everyone is able to focus on what they need to do, the bespoke training means that everyone can practice the skills they need as well as learn new ways to try them, with hints and tips from the older Screamers.

We try to get the Plymouth Roller Girls to assess our freshmeat skills, to spread the derby love and to ensure that we are all at the same level. Once minimums are passed then it’s onto scrimmaging, putting all those skills in practice, and recognising the need for ice packs and hot baths J

It’s an interesting challenge, but great fun and you meet some brilliant people along the way so if you fancy giving roller derby a go contact us via our facebook page or email us on and we’ll get back to as soon as possible.

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