Saturday, 31 August 2013

South West Team Up! Screamer Join Plymouth B vs Bath Roller Girls August 31st 2013

Southwest Team up!
31st August 2013 Screamers join Plymouth B vs Bath Roller Girls

Ok so we get the message on Facebook that our Derby Crush team need our help to boost their numbers for a closed scrim with our other favourite team Bath Roller Girls (our sisters from another mother).

Michelle (Rolls-Moyse), Catharine (K-tea Claws) & Kim (Kimi Krusher) took up the challenge and headed to Bristol early in the morning to meet up with the Plymouth B team, after a detour Screamer style and nearly going to the wrong venue we arrived safely a little nervous and asking ourselves “what the hell are we doing” but also a little excited and happy to see both teams, Hugs all round.

First the awesome PetraBomb put on an amazing warm up session then it was game time. The whistle blow to start the first jam! Surprisingly all was calm, Rufus Pound amazing Bench Coach had everything under control, groups set out in order of play, I remember one person saying if you squint your eyes slightly the Bath Girls look like Minions! That was it! You know the song! Every time I stood at the line up P.O.T.A.T.O………

We Screamers learnt so much from skating with Plymouth B team & especially Dre-Feelgood, We would like to thank Plymouth B for inviting us to skate with you and if you ever need us again just give us a shout 

Words: Michelle (Rolls-Moyse)

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