Sunday, 12 May 2013

Kernow Roller Girls - Mixed Scrim 12th May 2013

Not ones to shy away from a challenge 4 screamers went on a road trip to Truro. Even though only 3 of us were skating all four of us were nervous, chatting on the way there saying things like, “why are we doing this again?” “We could turn round and have lunch somewhere”. Despite the nerves we carried on driving arriving at the venue with time for a nervous wee and chocolate bar. McSu reported for scoring duties and secretly cheered us on from the side. Vicious Smit was on the black team, but Beta Max and I were on the white, oh no the Screamers were split up, what would happen?

What happened was an amazing scrim. Max was awesome as a jammer and there was loads of fancy footwork. Vicious was a brilliant blocker and her pivot skills shone through. I, on the other hand got hit in the nose and had to sit out of a few jams but still had a go at the end.

It may have been the beginners scrim but it was so much fun and everyone there was welcoming and great to play with. I’m sure we’ve seen a few of the ladies since then but it would be awesome to have another one of these in the near future.

Words Cathrine Clawley


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