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Travel Team Scream! 13th October 2013

Travel Team Scream!
Bath Roller Derby Girls vs Bourne Bombshells 13th October 2013

On Sunday 13th October Michelle (Rolls-Moyse) & Kimi Krusher had the opportunity to Help our Sisters from another mother team Bath Roller Derby Girls play the Bourne Bombshells.

Of course we jumped at the chance brought our Mr. men Happy T-Shirts, abducted So Solid Sue to cheer us on, who ended up NSOing, Feeling a bit bruised and battered after playing Cornwall the day before but full of excitement.

After a few problems with the Sat Nav normal for a Screamers Road Trip off we went meeting the Bath Girls at the Bristol Venue of merchant sports academy.

WOW! Is all I’m going to say, Roller Derby and Leopard print our team captain of the Scream Team would have died and gone to haven, The Bourne Bombshells team kit as you can see from the photos is amazing, really nice ladies but I’m not going to lie I was a little scared!

After a Team Talk, whistle blew for the first Jam BOOM BOOM BOOM as I expected Hard Hitters, Solid walls.

Everyone had such determination we love skating with The Bath Roller Derby Girls the nicest people you will ever meet, as for the Bourne Bombshells Wow you play hard loved it, Hope we meet again soon.

To Top the Day our very own Kimi Krusher was awarded Best Blocker! 

Words: Michelle Rolls-Moyse 

Photography: John Hesse

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