Saturday, 12 October 2013

Closed Scrim DCS Screamers vs Cornwall CRD 12th September 2013

Screamers take on Cornwall Roller Derby Girls

Cornwall Roller Derby – 12th October 2012

In the summer the Screamers visited the bubble dome in Penzance for a training Session and Scrim with some of the Rapscallions and the Cornwall Roller Derby ladies and so now it was time for the ladies to cross the border and visit Devon.

After a little warm up, we went straight into a Closed door Scrim and oh my word, it was great fun. The nerves soon melted away as we stood on the track for the first time, there was nothing else in our minds, apart from “don’t let their jammer score points” and with some brilliant team work, there were a number of times when we held her back so she couldn’t. There was brilliant jamming from both teams and the amazing blocking was preventing those nimble little jammers from scoring hundreds and hundreds of points. There was jammer on jammer action on the jammer line, jammer on jammer action around the track and some perfectly timed positional blocking from all the ladies on track.
The hour of skating seemed to fly by and the final score reflected just how close the “Battle of the Cream Teas” was. We may have lost but was the smallest point differential to date and the ladies from Cornwall Roller Derby we’re pleasantly surprised at how far we’d come since our first meeting in August, which was the greatest compliment for us as we had been training hard since then.
Wetherspoons didn’t know what had hit them when we all rocked up for lunch and rearranged their tables to suit our party mood needs.  The Cornwall ladies did a sneaky little presentation to celebrate our first year as a team, so thoughtful and unexpected we were very touched.  Was such a lovely day, the early nerves soon dissolved and we were put at ease by the calming refs and lovely positive vibes CRD. Can’t wait to play them next year….they may have won this Cream Tea Battle, but not the War.

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